Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Beard goals

I wrote my last post two months ago. I felt like it was just last week until I realised that it was two months ago. Time flies no matter what you are doing. I scratch my beard trying to think about what is new and I realise that that is is the answer to my question. I have grown a beard. I like having a beard. I actually would like to grow it out a little and then shave it and restore myself back to being not quite so fresh-faced but just with a little bit of a shadow. I don't shave with a razor because I have super sensitive skin. hahaha. I grew a beard when I was working as an IT consultant and one of the project leaders made assumptions about my religion, he was wrong.  I am actually going to grow it out until I reach a goal of mine and then I will shave it off. Or maybe I won't. I may just keep it growing until I reach the next goal and then see from there.  Maybe it will grow on me :| . If my posts are going to be whimsical, then I shouldn't wait for two months for the next one.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ted is a dick!

So, there are two things that are ruining my life. Ruining is an overstatement and a cop out. The thing that is getting me off track is ME.

The world of social media is one and the other one is sweet things.

Social media is a great tool but I am stuck to it sometimes. I know that I have a problem. I let go, I come back but what I really need to do is strike a nice clean balance. However, like a three-year-old, my balance is way off. I need to think of some rules to ween myself off. Once I have established them I will tell you. There is one I have stuck to, however. It is not to check my phone until after I have left for work and am on the train.  You get a lot accomplished. If I do look at my phone I end up slumped over like some weirdo gazing at things I do not really care about.

What I will do for the above is limit my social media time.

The second one is sweet things. I mean snacks, not girls. Get your mind out of the gutter!

 That is the one that is killing me. It is terrible. It is like a drug. They need to treat people for sugar addiction? Do they? Sometimes, I  walk into a shop to buy something sweet and literally have to talk myself out of it. Yes, moderation is good. I am not moderate. If someone followed me around and calculated how much I spent on snacks last year and told me today. I would probably slap myself and ask all my friends to slap me 3 too. I will also need a strategy. If you have any ideas let me know.

Ted is a dick!
A dick is Ted
A dick Ted
(there you go)

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

i don't know when i wrote this

He sits in his living room with his wife and his cat. They have just finished watching a drama about a zombie apocalypse. Their beautiful son is in the other room sleeping on their futon. He is happy, she is happy. The cat is being a cat. Always in a state of let me sit on your lap and you may stroke me ,but only ten times on the 11th stroke I will bite your hand. Why? Because I am a cat.
He reads his last blog post which was in 2015. He thinks about what has changed since then. A lot has changed. A lot. 

3 + 3

I am writing this post on the eve of my 33rd birthday hence the 3 +3 which is more like a 3 and 3. Too many threes in one sentence, so I started another one. Almost 3 years have passed since I wrote my last post. If I had any regular readers then I am sure they would have long disappeared.

I am free.

I have three jobs I teach English, translate from Japanese to English and teach a dance that I am still learning. I deleted a lol from the end of that sentence as I don't want to use lols in my blog but I have used two lols in this sentence alone, now three.

I live in Kyoto, Japan and have done so for three years with my wife who I married three years ago and we have a three-year-old cat and a son who will be three next year. It is funny how you can make links to something if you try to. For example, I have two brothers, but that means there are three of us.

I have enjoyed this, it feels good. I actually love to write. I hope people still love to read.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

You don't even know you

How much is actually real? 
How real are you with yourself?
 As in how true are you to yourself?
How much do you know about yourself?

One of the things I remember from my previous life is a training session we had in which our personalities were tested based on answers to some awful questions. There was a section before the questions which talked about the Johari Window.

The Johari Window suggests our personalities are split into 4 rooms. Room 1 (Arena) is the part of ourselves that we see and others see . Room 2 (Blind spot) is the aspects that others see but we are not aware of. Room 3 (Facade) is our private space, which we know but keep from others.Room 4 (Unknown) is the most mysterious room in that the unconscious or subconscious part of us is seen by neither ourselves nor others. WHAT?

I want to know what is in Room 2(easy enough to find out).  Room 4 is probably really scary, surprising and weird and Room 3, well that is NOYB.

I always think about this though especially when I hide info from some people. It got me thinking that maybe we would be happier if  Room 3 was smaller and we knocked down the wall between Room 1 and 2. I have no idea about Room 4 but I'm sure it governs what is in all the other rooms.

 I did say that we may be happier if we reduced the contents of Room 3  but  I believe I actually mean free.That freedom may only be temporary as those private thoughts could get you locked up.

Are you lost?

OK. I will get to the point.
There is a part of you that you don't know about that others do and apart of you that nobody knows about. 

You only know half about other people

Stay with me.

Half of this half basically a quarter (thank you maths)is unknown to anyone.

Where is it?


Monday, 7 December 2015

Can't commit

I planned to write something every single day. That didn't last a week. Every week and that didn't last a month. I can't be angry at myself because for the most part I am for lack of a better expression a lazy so and so. I don't even punctuate properly. I think it is disgusting behaviour. So what is the point of this post? I guess it is another attempt at getting back to writing in this blog. I enjoy writing, I like it a lot but I don't make enough time to do the things I love. I enjoy making stories up and telling them to my kids (my students). I'm not great at it but I'm getting better and who knows I might write a famous novel or a children's book or a poem. Too many ors? But let's start with putting more effort in the blog.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

slowly but surely

YAYE high fives all around I made it to Kyoto in April this year. It took 6 years since my first job application which I never got, 2 years in Ibaraki-ken the least charming prefecture in the whole of Japan and many many many great nights good experiences made many good friends who were hard to leave. Everytime I tried to say goodbye something would work its way into my eye and make it seem like I was crying (which is ridiculous). I passed my JLPT level 2 and am aiming for level 1. I have started teaching Kizomba here dancing more salsa and bachata which is great. I have danced more in the last 2 months than I did in the entire 2 years I was in Ibaraki.  My new school is great, co worker is great bosses are cool. What else?  Oh I just peered over at our cat "shinobi" I say we as  I am in a we situation. So there is a kitten he is very cute when he wants to be and then a nuisance to my feet at like 5 in the morning.
Slowly but surely things are moving in the right direction.